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Please welcome a new blog, Fully Grown-Up Fangirl, to our blogging community! Looking forward to reading Heather’s thoughts and speculation about what may be going behind the scenes of Love Love Love rehearsals. I’m fairly certain it won’t be just for your amusement, Heather! 😉

Selfie sigh …

Beautiful man is beautiful …

(Selfie by self-master via Twitter)

Oh, I already said that. Sorry, can’t help repeating myself. 😉


*jumping up and down* *seriously unable to contain myself*  ;)

Nice, quick article about Dean in the NZ  Herald Spy News tomorrow (today, here😉 ).  Love the image of him and Andrew Munro as their “Hillary” characters.


Photo by Emmett Skilton via Instagram

Although anyone who’s been following Dean for any amount of time knows how awesome a photographer he is, it’s nice that he’s getting recognition for his portrait work.  Dean posted some beautiful images a day or so ago. And call me a hopeful romantic, but my heart melted a little bit when he spotlighted his wife, Sarah, as the hair and makeup artist.❤


Awesome …

And the award goes to …

Congratulations, Richard!!!  Way to go!!! Woo-hoo!!!

We knew it was a spectacular performance. It’s good to see that others in the industry think so as well!

And what a treat — not to mention LOL moment — to see this today …

Thanks, Dawn!  GMTA …😉

Visual and verbal tease.

Two announcements?  Double our pleasure!!!😉

Do I see a very ’60’s looking mustache in that reflection?


Curiouser and curiouser …

Collateral attraction …

You guys know I have a wee bit of a fascination for Deano.  *blush*  Well, I just saw a few pics posted on Twitter by the director of the NZ TV project “Hillary,” Carmen Leonard. She is (obviously) excited about the upcoming release of the project in which Dean stars as Edmund Hillary’s best and oldest friend, mountain-climbing partner and trek photographer, George Lowe. This is the project that he was working on when he was in Kathmandu and the surrounding area just prior to the devastating earthquake in 2015.

Spiffy shoes, there, Dean!😉

Wonder if Dean felt like he was back on the Hobbit, what with the oversized boots and all?  :)

I’ve been fascinated with Everest since I was a youngster.  I think that might be why I was excited when it was announced that Dean had the role of George Lowe. A cool combination of two of my interests!

A couple of years ago, I purchased the book that George Lowe wrote,”The Conquest of Everest,” that documents that climb, which includes 163 photographs of the hundreds he took. His images document not only the majestic grandeur of the mountains, but also the human aspect of the  climb —  the danger around every turn, daily life at base camp, the amazing Sherpa porters, the simple pleasure of a shave and a haircut.  He passed away two months before it was published in 2013, at age 89 and the last of the group of mountaineers that “conquered” Everest, just days before the 60th anniversary of the ascent.

His story doesn’t end with the photographs and films he took that captured that historic first ascent of Everest. He traversed the Antarctic continent, returned to the Himalayas many times, made expeditions to Greenland, Greece and Ethiopia, produced documentary films, and still maintained his educational roles — headmaster of an English high school in Chile and then an Inspector of Schools in the UK.

As did his friend Hillary, who set up the original Himalayan Trust NZ, George believed in helping the Nepalese, whose Sherpas had been such an integral part of the Everest expedition. He helped Hillary set up the original trust, and in 1989 he became the founder and first Chairman of the Himalayan Trust UK.


(I found the book fascinating. Can you tell? ;))

OK, I’ll stop with the history lesson.

I am so hoping, being the selfish sort that I am, that those of us in other parts of the world will be able to see this project, too. It would be a shame for something relating to this monumental event to be lost to the rest of us.

And, well, it’s Dean …😉



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